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Zhejiang Zhicheng Commodity Co., Ltd. is located in Pan'an, Zhejiang Province, with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. It is an export enterprise specialized in producing wooden clothes clips, hangers, plastic clothes clips, disposable wine cups and plastic products. It has many years of production history and experience. Custom-made width, length, viscosity according to customer packaging needs, to avoid sticky phenomenon, to avoid excessive waste. LOGO, advertising language, etc. can be printed, playing the role of brand promotion and anti-counterfeiting. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Japan and other countries and regions, and achieved good reputation, won the praise of foreign businessmen. In the new century, our factory will further expand the scale of production, the above quality, good reputation, first-class service, preferential prices, eager to call the old and new customers at home and abroad to contact the factory.



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